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Public ICO

The Bidooh Public Pre-Sale is on the 1st October 2018
The ICO will launch on 31st October 2018

Whitepaper and Videos

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The Bidooh whitepaper includes the project and technical information on the ICO.
You can download the whitepaper here.

Watch the English, Korean and Japanese explainer videos here.


An Investment of Michael Edelson

Bidooh's lead investor is Manchester United Football Club's non-exec director, Michael Edelson who has done 20 stock market flotations of which 2 reached over $1bn in valuation - Wikipedia

Michael was instrumental in hiring Sir Alex Ferguson who went on to become the most successful manager in British Football History.

[email protected] Winners

Bidooh's founders have won many awards for innovation including Pitch at the Palace which was organized by HRH Prince Andrew in London at St James’s Palace and attended by Her Majesty The Queen. The founders were invited to Windsor Castle where HRH Prince Andrew announced, “this is what the audience voted for last night, this is the future of advertising”.

With Michael’s help, they started to assemble a team of experts and discovered the problems that exist within the billboard market. A $34.8bn market that’s still booked over the phone, time consuming, resource heavy and cost prohibitive.
This needed to be fixed.

They imagined being able to book advertising space on digital screens to be as simple as ordering an Uber and priced as flexible as Google Adwords. It would mean any business can buy advertising on digital screens in real-time, opening up the world of digital screens to every small business.

Our Vision:
Advertise on digital screens in 60 seconds from a mobile app

Our vision for Bidooh is to revolutionize and democratize the $34.8bn billboard advertising industry. By creating a truly flexible, immediate, measurable self-service platform and open digital screen network, advertisers and media agencies of all sizes will plan and place their adverts through Bidooh.

This is an example of an 84inch digital screen that we have live in Manchester, you can advertise right now on this screen from for just 1p per 10 second advert, without needing to call us. Everything can be done online and soon via the Bidooh iPhone and iPad app. We are live with 10 test screens which can currently be booked online using our self-service MVP platform. We have signed an agreement to install 2,000 screens across Europe with our Czech partners.

By making it available to all advertisers, with no minimum commitment, Bidooh will unlock a new customer base. These potential advertisers are currently unable to use outdoor advertising.

Due to the open nature of the network, media owners can add their own existing or new screens to the Bidooh platform and generate new revenues from our existing advertisers. For complete transparency, the Bidooh platform will be auditable on the blockchain. Removing a reliance on trust, delayed or inaccurate reporting, this open digital ledger will be truly revolutionary.

Token Holders


Bidooh’s Blockchain for the Bidooh Token is about to begin active development. Here is our roadmap overview.

  • Q1 2018

    • Deploy MVP of Bidooh Web Platform v1.0
    • Write ERC20 smart contract code
    • Audit smart contract code

  • Q2 2018

    • Deploy MVP of Bidooh Web Platform v1.1
    • Video support with 10 second intervals
    • Build alpha advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.0
    • Build network capability for global scalability with languages and currency support

  • Q3 2018

    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.2
    • Location specific stats, age and gender breakdown
    • Screen utilization stats
    • Personalized targeting to age & gender
    • Deploy ERC20 Smart Contract

  • Q4 2018

    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.3
    • Media Agency support with tiered account
    • Advanced ad scheduling for future bookings
    • Build beta advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.1

  • Q1/Q2 2019

    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.4
    • Release Bidooh Web Platform v1.5 Blockchain Enabled version
    • Release advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.2
    • Release advertiser Bidooh Android app v1.0
    • Release consumer Android and iOS v1.0 apps for earning tokens on the go
    • Prototyping blockchain integration – advert impression displays and views stored to the blockchain

  • Q3/Q4 2019

    • Live video broadcast
    • QR Codes to purchase products at screen
    • Align all app version features
    • Clothing brand recognition targeting
    • Freelancer community integration iOS & Android SDKs for billboard proximity detection to target adverts based on public social media feed posts

  • Q1/Q2 2020

    • Vehicle recognition-based targeting for large format outdoor screens

  • Q3/Q4 2020

    • Real-time machine-learning based automated bidding, surge pricing, dynamic campaign delivery


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